Products Uses and Benefits   _
    Admixture   _
    Water reducing, plasticising, retarding, accelerating and superplasticising admixtures for concrete and mortar. Air entraining & surface retarding admixtures.  
    Flooring   _
    Cementitious, metallic & natural aggregate heavy duty industrial flooring systems. Polymer modified self leveling floor overlays. Epoxy & polyurethane systems for wall & floor coatings toppings & screeds. Bituminous protective overlays toppings & screeds.  
    Concrete Reparing   _
    Polymer modified & fiber filled cementitious structural repair mortars. Precision non-shrink structural cement grouts mortars & micro concrete. Epoxy & polyester resin grouts. Epoxy fearing compounds & mortars.  
    Sealants   _
    Bitumen & acrylic mastic sealants. Polysulphide & polyurethane sealants. Modified epoxy urethane & coal tar sealants. Structural glazing silicone sealants. PVC & rubber waterstops. Closed cell polyethylene joint formers.  
    General Construction   _
    Epoxy, Polyester, Polymer modified Latex SBR & Acrylic co-polymers adhesives. Epoxy, Polyurethane, Bituminous, Acrylic & modified Epoxy / Urethane coatings for concrete & masonry  
    Water Proofing   _
    Modified bitumen & acrylic emulsion coatings. Silane-siloxane water repellant coatings. Polymer modified cementitious slurry coatings. APP modified bitumen heat bonded membranes & bitumen roofing felt.    

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